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Spanish Immersion: Follow Shavon's three month journey in Latin America!

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Shavon, the Writer

Shavon Jones is an award-winning attorney turned author of contemporary fiction about societal ills. She writes strong characters finding themselves and being true to themselves, whether their truth turns out to be flattering or unflattering. She writes characters who evolve into whole, genuine and self-aware beings.

Her debut novel, Working Girls: Money, Power & Love, led to a spinoff column called “The Working Girl’s Guide” which provides workplace etiquette tips laced with humor and has been featured in Key Biscayne Magazine. These tips were garnered from Shavon’s 14 year career as an attorney and accountant at legal firms, a Big Four accounting firm and a Fortune 500 Company.

Her second novel, The Golden Egg, deals with the media-driven, celebrity-worshipping culture of overconsumption, a societal ill that is relatable to men and women from all walks of life. In The Golden Egg, an NBA player signs a $100 million contract and finds the whole world grabbing at him, trying to get a piece of him, including the beautiful daughter of a faded 80’s rock star. Here, the reader is given a first-hand look at how it feels to be loved by everyone and by no one at the same time.

For fall of 2013, Shavon is immersed in the Latin culture, living in South America. That experience will likely seep into her future writing projects, but probably not her third novel, Dani with an I, which deals with the black church and closeted homosexuality or ‘down low brothers’. That novel is still in the developmental stages, but will likely be set in Atlanta or Washington, D.C.

Shavon also published Dating Chronicles: Surviving the Game of Love with Humor, which is a compilation of the best dating blog posts for the 2012 Forty (or So) blog series, profiled in the Miami Herald.

Before transitioning into creative writing, Shavon traditionally published a scholarly article in the prestigious Journal of International Taxation (snooze). She has been featured in The Miami Herald, More Magazine, Key Biscayne Magazine, Legacy Magazine, The Florida Courier, The South Florida Business Journal and numerous trade and corporate newsletters.

Her lectures and training programs, such as “Workaholics Anonymous: The 9-Step Program to a Life that Doesn’t Make You Want to Drink,” “How to Get Career Satisfaction in 30 Days” and “How to Lean In” are given to large audiences including the National Bar Association, the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers, the Black Executive Exchange Program, and numerous university and corporate groups.

Cuddle up with one of Shavon’s works, and discover a woman’s worth.

  1. Spanish Immersion – Reminiscing

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    So my vacation ended a while ago. I’m back on my grind and frankly, I’m beginning to need a vacation. But before all of you head out for your own summer travels, I want to leave you with this summary post. Here are 20 interesting facts about Latin America: 1. The friendliest Latin people live in Santiago, Chile. 2. The most economical Latin country I visited was Ecuador, with Guatemala coming in second. I’m told that Peru is cheaper than Ecuador, but it also is rumored to be less developed. So perhaps you get what you pay for… 3. … unless you’re in Panama, Latin America’s most overpriced country. 4. Another interesting thing about Panama is that it seems to be a highly sexed nation. Imagine my surprise when I flipped through the basic cable channels at 9:30p.m. and found full nudity porn! And the luxury hotel where I was staying was kind enough to put Playboy brand condoms in the mini bar next to the alcohol and chocolate. I mean really, they did everything short of providing a man. 5. But what most South American hotels do not provide is washcloths. You’re supposed to wash yourself with big ol’ hand towels. I brought washcloths from home and left a trail of them across the continent. Did housekeeping throw my wet washcloths away or take these otherworldly items home and frame them as souvenirs? 6. South America makes up for the dearth of washcloths with old school perks on domestic […]
  2. Cataratas do Iguacu – A Life Changing Experience

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    What to say about Iguazu Falls or Falls do Iguacu? It’s one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It forms the border between Argentina and Brazil. It’s commonly referred to as the Cataratas. Those are the dry facts. But what is it really like? There are really no words to describe this place except to say it was perhaps the most awesome experience of my life thus far. Everything I had read and everyone I had spoken to had warned me that the Cataratas were a life changing experience. That when people arrive at the falls, their “troubles just melt away.” Still, I was unprepared. In fact, on the ride over from the hotel, I remember thinking to myself, “well they must not have my troubles!” See, less than 12 hours before I arrived at the Falls, I found out that I did not win a book competition that would have made it possible for me to retire from the practice of law to write full time. Knowing that I’d have to eventually return home to a career that bores me poopless was dominating my mental space, and no waterfall was going to fix that. Or so I thought. I know that it has been proven that the earth is not flat, but when you see this point where the earth splits in two and all the water crashes off the side of a cliff creating a thunderous roar and spraying off enough mist to get you soaking […]
  3. Argentina – Me Gusta!

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    I spent 10 days in the Argentine cities of Mendoza and Buenos Aires during summer (North America’s winter). It was basically a tale of two cities because Mendoza and Buenos Aires could not be more different. But I love them both, though for different reasons. I arrived via luxury coach. That’s a bus with seats that fully recline into beds, like in first class on an airplane. Okay, they do not provide free pajamas and expensive face creams on the bus, so I suppose it’s more like business class on an international flight. Meals and beverages are served on real china. I don’t recall the food being good, but the fact that it was available pleased me. There is normal entertainment: movies, games, wi-fi. But the best entertainment is something completely unavailable on a flight where, other than at takeoff and landing, there is nothing so see except air pudding and wind sauce (I’m referring to clouds, for those of you who are lacking in imagery today). But on a coach ride the view streaming past the window is the breathtaking, multi-hued Andes mountain range between Santiago, Chile and Mendoza, Argentina. You have to look at my pictures. I swear it was like a talented five year old had a box of crayons and a vivid imagination. You told him to draw mountains, but this budding Da Vinci grabbed the slate blue, old gold, burnt orange, pink rose, ice blue, and yellow-green colors and created a vision that leapt off […]

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